What we believe

In building the best online learning platform in the world, LEARNT is already changing the way people learn new skills and the way businesses train their employees.

Why? Because we know that you’re so much more than a series of bullet points on your CV or resume. Instead, you’re the sum of everything you’ve ever read, listened to, been taught, experienced, picked up along the way, or taught yourself to do.

And the thing is, you deserve cred for that.

At LEARNT, we define ‘cred’ a little differently. For us, C.R.E.D stands for Competence, Relevance, Education and Development.

And so, no matter what interest or skill-set you’d like to learn or develop—or perhaps it’s a skill you’d like to see nurtured in others—LEARNT can show you (or them) how to get the C.R.E.D you (or they) deserve for it.


Why LEARNT is a

Whether you’re someone who’d love to turn a personal interest into an income, or an employer wanting to train their staff to succeed at their job, Learnt offers a vast array of courses perfect for you or your business.

Learn how you want to learn. When you want to learn. Where you want to learn.

Someone wise once said, ‘Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.’ Through LEARNT, you can actively track your personal growth every day.

LEARNT represents the shake-up the industry has been looking for. Come learn with us, and get the Cred (and career) you deserve.

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We’re motivated by the fact that
things can be better, bigger,
bolder, if only people are given
the opportunity to see it.