Animal Care Courses Online

LEARNT offers a range of animal care courses online for people interested in starting a career in the veterinary industry.


Animal Care Courses Online

LEARNT offers an exclusive selection of animal care courses online for people who want to start a career in the flourishing veterinary industry. This field has seen massive growth in recent years, creating countless job opportunities for qualified and dedicated animal advocates. 

Veterinary professionals are indispensable members of the animal care industry. They are trained to provide care for sick animals and carry out elaborate procedures according to veterinary instructions.

We can help you get started on your veterinary nursing career. Our introductory courses cover the core competencies of the veterinary nursing profession by talking you through everything you need to know about the role, including the responsibilities and requirements. After completing these courses, you should gain a good grasp of concepts like common health issues, first aid care, animal welfare, and veterinary services.

LEARNT enables you to take up animal care courses online in an engaging and convenient way. We allow you to see yourself as a veterinary professional by giving you a glimpse of what these people experience daily. Moreover, these courses are regularly updated to ensure you receive only the latest information about this rewarding career path.

This course is also appropriate for veterinary nurses and assistants who wish to enhance their skills. Our introductory courses usually consist of around six modules that give you pointers on customer service and professional development in addition to animal care subjects. 

LEARNT also offers in-depth animal care courses that delve into a wide range of topics like common animal behaviour and conservation. These courses are geared toward learners who want to develop additional skills relevant to the animal care industry. Whether you are a veterinary professional or a pet owner who wants to take better care of your companions, you can benefit from our animal care courses online. They include a video masterclass series hosted by seasoned professionals in the field of veterinary medicine. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy a personal tutorial from leading experts in the industry.

Our comprehensive animal care courses can include up to a dozen modules to ensure you get a good understanding of the material. Explore our entire online marketplace and sign up today!

What can I learn from animal care courses?

The following are a small insight into what you can expect to experience in one of our animal care courses online:

  • The average veterinarian day. Discover what it is like to spend a fulfilling day in a veterinary professional’s life.
  • Basic first aid for animals. Learn about some of the most common emergencies involving animals and appropriate first aid responses.
  • Common pet health issues. Find out about some of the most common diseases domestic pets are at risk of throughout their lives. 
  • Best safety practices. A safe workplace environment for staff, clients, and patients is necessary for the efficient operation of an animal care facility.
  • Client interactions. A veterinary professional must be capable of discussing complex procedures and possible complications effectively. 
  • Standard veterinary roles. Get acquainted with the most common types of animal facilities and the job opportunities they may have for you. 
  • Basic animal care. Learn about routine animal health care to ensure that they are happy and healthy. Whether you are a veterinary professional or a pet owner, taking better care of your animals can benefit from companionship and social interaction. 
  • Animal behaviour. Interpreting animal behaviour properly allows you to determine the necessary response to address unwanted or unusual behaviour.
  • Livestock health. Study some of the most common diseases that affect farm animals, including parasites and plant poison. 
  • Rehabilitation. Optimal rehabilitation can make all the difference in the recovery of a sick or injured animal.

What are the benefits of taking this course?

LEARNT recognises the growing need for animal care professionals. Therefore, we have partnered with established veterinary practitioners to develop comprehensive courses that can prepare you for a career in animal care. Our catalogue of animal care courses online covers a broad range of topics concerning fundamental veterinary care for various animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. These courses consist of several modules that provide information in structured sections. The sections include informative images and activities that test your understanding of the topics.

LEARNT lets you complete our animal care courses online at your own pace. You can revisit and review every module whenever needed to ensure a good grasp of the subject matter. Register now!

How can I sign up for an animal care course?

Enrolling in one of our animal care courses online is as simple as adding it to your cart and checking out! If you are not a member of LEARNT yet, you just have to fill out a registration form on our website during your checkout to receive a confirmation email. This email should contain all the necessary information to log into your chosen course. You can then start immediately, whether using a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone!

LEARNT also offers practical courses in other fields like leadership, hospitality, human resources, and fitness and nutrition. Sign up today!

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