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Cryptocurrency (12 month access)

Welcome to the Cryptocurrency ‘on demand’ learning course! In this fully online course you will learn from scratch about blockchain, bitcoin, etherium, mining, bubble/boom, and how to make a profit trading cryptocurrency. You can access the content of the module whenever and progress at your own pace. In this course of 8 lessons you will learn how to conduct a cryptocurrency assessment, how to use the MT4 trading platform, how to conduct a technical analysis, how to implement various investment strategies and to mitigate risk through risk management techniques. Every lesson is about 30 to 40 minutes long and after two lessons you will have a 20-question quiz to check your understanding and upon completion you get automatic feedback on the percentage of your correct answers. You can re-take any of the assessments multiple times until you complete them successfully. You will have access to your LEARNT certificate in your platform after successfully completing all activities. If you need assistance or a CPD stamped certificate, please contact customer care at

Career outcomes

Risk Analyst
Blockchain Engineer
Cryptocurrency Analyst
Data Analyst
Trade Support Manager
Blockchain Consultant
Project Manager
Community Manager
Crypto Research Analyst 

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