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Banking, Finance & Insurance

The Banking and General Financial Services sector is integral to the whole Australian economy, covering services such as general banking, home and business loans and a range of financial products. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, business confidence, consumer sentiment, residential property market conditions and global economic growth prospects will likely dictate the finance sector performance over the several years. To remain competitive in this industry, you should be updated with the current trends and adapt to the level of the competition by increasing your knowledge and skills in this sector.

This complete package has been created for business owners and individuals who are eager to advance their knowledge in offering quality service in the Banking, Finance or Insurance industry. The modules in the package cover essential topics related to operational aspects of running a business, as well as topics related to the budget management, human resources, and customer service. The modules comprise information related to people management, such as developing teamwork, creating a productive working environment and even effectively working from home during ‘COVID times’. Using our platform as a training solution for your learning needs provides access to valuable content that can help increase your organisation’s productivity and the development of your staff.

Business in a Box can help you address professional development needs in a practical and effective way. LEARNT provides a platform with your own selection of industry-based courses you can manage, where you and your employees have access to engaging content to learn with valuable and practical content that will improve the overall performance of the organisation.

You can also ask for expert assistance to oversee the content of your platform and learning packages. If you need personalised modules, our learning designers and writers can develop courses that will help your staff successfully gain skills required by your business. By providing active professional development to your employees, you ensure they continually upgrade their skills and that their qualifications are up to date regardless of their level. You also ensure that your staff can deliver a range of quality banking, finance and insurance service and products to every client or customer.

LEARNT course menu incorporates compliance and industry-based content for all learning needs of your personnel. Our aim is to guide all learners to increase professional growth and development throughout their career and be excited about upskilling. 

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In my role as a salesperson at Rebel Sport Miranda, I have found the information, skills and training on the Learnt Platform has increased my knowledge of the Retail industry and has made my role much more rewarding.
Sara Johnstone

Course sections
  • crimg
    Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment

    This online module informs you of the skills and knowledge required to apply critical thinking skills to generate solutions to workplace problems in a team environment. You will learn to address workplace problems and ways to overcome challenges as a team. You will also learn to apply a range of problem solving skills, implement evaluation and analytical skills to resolve workplace issues within a team context and to review the effectiveness of the solutions.

  • crimg
    Apply knowledge of WHS laws in the workplace

    This module will give you the skills and knowledge required to understand work health and safety (WHS) laws, and their compliance in the workplace. The module is for those who contribute to the compliance of WHS laws as part of their WHS responsibilities in the workplace, or for business owners. This module provides the tools to understand the Work Health and Safety legal and compliance framework, its implementation and how to stay updated of the WHS laws. It also provides information to identify legal obligations as an employer as well as employees, and identify the consequences of non-compliance with WHS.

  • crimg
    Coach others for success

    An essential element of professional development in the workplace is the ability to coach others and support co-workers for their professional growth. Coaching is a collaborative process designed to create changes and to generate ideas to achieve shared goals, for problem solving in the workplace and for ensuring business growth. This module provides information of the necessary steps to contribute with the professional success of coworkers, through coaching in the workplace. You will learn to identify the coaching needs of different team members and plan accordingly; make a plan for the coaching sessions, organise a time and space that suit the coaching needs and provide planned and structured coaching sessions, document process and trainee’s progress, and provide feedback.”

  • crimg
    Coordinate business resources

    To be a competitive business, all organisations must get more products/services to market sooner and improve their product/services in line with customer needs and expectations. To do this, you need the right resources, the right resource management procedures, plan and optimise resource acquisition and use. In this module you will learn to determine resource requirements, ensure an efficient resource expenditure within a budget and acquire and allocate resources and services. You will also be able to monitor and report on resource allocation and usage, measure and assess effectiveness of resource planning and maintain records concerning equipment and resource purchases for further reference.

  • crimg
    Covid-19 What you need to know

    Learn about COVID-19, how it spreads, who is at risk, what to do if you think you have it, and what resources and support are available to you.

  • crimg
    Develop a marketing plan

    All businesses need to have an effective marketing plan to promote and sell their products/serivces. A marketing plan is a strategic roadmap that businesses use to design, execute, and track their marketing strategy over a specific time period. Marketing plans can include separate marketing strategies for the various marketing teams or products across the company, but all of them work toward the same business goals. In this module you will learn how to devise marketing strategies that are specific for your needs, the process to plan and implement a marketing tactic with clear and measurable objectives, and to prepare and present a marketing plan.

  • crimg
    Develop a media plan

    As a business owner you need to have an effective media plan to promote and sell your products/services. This module will give you the power to turn your marketing data into actionable insights and get a new perspective on your marketing plan and business goals. You will gain clarity over your marketing decisions and be able to act on these insights to improve your marketing performance. This module provides essential information so you can select the appropriate media outlets for your sales and marketing needs. You will be able to produce a media plan by analysing your companies’ profile, identify your competitors and their characteristics, your target audience, and your budget capacity. You will also identify the creative and media requirements to engage your target audience to have a positive impact in your sales.

  • crimg
    Develop a workplace learning environment

    This unit applies to managers and team members who have prominent roles in encouraging, supporting and facilitating the development of a learning environment in which work and learning come together.

  • crimg
    Enhance the Customer Service Experience

    This course will enhance your ability to handle customer and client interactions with confidence by implementing best practice customer service techniques, delivering customer satisfaction and developing customer loyalty.

  • crimg
    Ensure Team Effectiveness

    Teams are an everyday part of many organisations. A team based culture is the most effective means to achieve both results and job satisfaction

  • crimg
    Facilitate continuous improvement

    To facilitate continuous improvements between management and employees is must by informing employees about the company’s goals and KPI’s

  • crimg
    Manage finances within a budget

    This course describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to take responsibility for budget management where others may have developed the budget

  • crimg
    Manage human resource services

    This course will inform the user of the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to plan, oversee and deliver human resources services.

  • crimg
    Manage people performance

    As a business owner, providing opportunities for teams and individuals to perform their role effectively and contribute to the operations and productivity of the organisation, is an essential task. To facilitate this process, work must be allocated, and roles must be defined according to employee’s skills and aptitudes, and a system in place to assess performance and develop new skills. In this module you will learn the process to assess people’s performance and allocate work, how to provide constructive feedback and ways to monitor and manage employee’s performance and maintain a positive work culture.

  • crimg
    Manage quality customer service (BIAB)

    Develop knowledge and skills and strategies to ensure delivery of quality products and services.

  • crimg
    Manage recruitment selection & induction processes

    Learn how to best manage all aspects of the recruitment and induction process. This will help you to select and recruit team members best suited to your roles and expectations

  • crimg
    Manage stress in the workplace

    Stress is something everybody experiences at work, some time or another. Many people feel stressed if there’s an imbalance between what’s expected of them at work and what they’re able to do. This means the pressure they feel is too great and it can be hard for them to perform their job appropriately. In this module you will learn to identify, develop, and implement personal stress management strategies for yourself, for co-workers and employees. You will also learn techniques to increase and build team morale and a positive workplace culture, as well as manage, monitor and address stress levels within a team.

  • crimg
    Mentor in the workplace

    Implementing mentorship programs in the workplace is a cost-effective way to upskill employees and promote a positive work culture. The purpose of mentoring is to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of senior or high performing employees and transfer these skills to newer or less experienced employees in order to advance their careers. In this module you will support your team by acquiring knowledge to implement, manage and organise mentorship opportunities, to develop individual or group mentoring plans, facilitate mentoring relationships, monitor mentoring programs and process, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of mentoring.

  • crimg
    Organise meetings

    Organising and facilitating meetings is an essential skill, useful for the workplace and for everyday interactions. This module will provide you with valuable and practical information for the effective organisation of meetings to achieve specific outcomes and help business productivity. This module covers topics that will help you identify the purpose and characteristics of meetings to make meeting arrangements, send meeting invitations and to prepare and distribute meeting documents and notes.

  • crimg
    Plan and manage conferences

    This module is for anyone that is required to plan and manage conferences and wants practical and useful information to make this process more effective. In this comprehensive module you will learn to plan a conference based on its brief and purpose and follow a process to ensure the conference complies with all requirements. You will learn to identify the outcomes, identify speakers and their requirements, ensure the venue complies with required facilities and draft a conference program. It will also prepare you to identify the target group and administration requirements, as well as ways to promote and publicise the event, arrangements for the conference, coordinate conference proceedings and prepare conference papers.

  • crimg
    Positive mental health & wellbeing during COVID-19

    During this time, it’s important to do things that help us to cope and maintain good mental health. Here are some ways to stay mentally healthy.

  • crimg
    Safety & Security

    This course provides you with general information about how to best manage robbery related risks.

  • crimg
    Use oral communication skills for effective workplace presentations

    Organising and facilitating presentations is an essential professional skill, useful for the workplace and for everyday interactions. This module will provide you with essential and practical skills to use appropriate oral communications skills for effective presentations. You will be able to identify the purpose and style of the presentation to target the audience needs, gather and structure the content and support materials and plan for the presentation delivery. You will also learn about techniques to make an exceptional presentation using effective communication strategies, verbal and non-verbal, tools to review your performance and the effectiveness of your communication and identify areas for improvement.

  • crimg
    Work Effectively With Others

    The more you understand how others work and what they require from you, the better you will be able to do your job and achieve great results.

  • crimg
    Working from home during Covid 19

    Adapting to a home working environment can be challenging. It’s important to develop ways of working that support your mental health and wellbeing.

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