Tourism Courses

Take advantage of your current career or embark on a brand-new professional journey when you choose from our extensive range of tourism courses that guarantee to give you the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed.


Tourism Courses

The tourism courses at LEARNT are one of our most popular offerings. Tourism has become one of the most dynamic industries for earning a living, and we’re here to help you make the most out of it.

Take advantage of your current career or embark on a brand-new professional journey when you choose from our extensive range of tourism courses that guarantee to give you the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed.

Because our courses are all online and self-paced, it means that you are the pilot of your adventure when it comes to how you study and learn with us. With the flexibility we offer, you can set up a study schedule that suits your needs, even if they are ever-changing, and learn at a pace that suits you.

As we know, online education is here to stay, and convenience is everything, especially when it comes to timing. Along with quizzes and assessments embedded in your courses, we allow you to curate all of your learning experiences to meet your individual learning needs.

As you complete any of our tourism courses, you will acquire the skills and confidence you need to find work in the industry. After graduating, you can work for travel agencies, visitor information centres, cruise operators and guides, transport services, and even events and tourism services. 

With our all-rounder Travel and Tourism Career Starter Course, you’ll learn all the nuts and bolts of getting started in the industry and what kind of employment opportunities are available – including how to get those frequent flyer miles on the up. This is a great taster course to dip your toe in the water. 

If you live and breathe a love of travel and are ready to dive all in, get started with our travel and tourism course. This course will give you the best foundational skills and knowledge to work in the travel and tourism industry as soon as you graduate. 

Want to be a travel agent? You can select from our travel agent courses. This is perfect if you love to travel and love helping people find what they’re looking for when experiencing the world.

Our Flight Attendant Career Starter Course is perfect if you’re keen to take to the airways regularly. This value-packed course will provide you with insights into the aviation industry and what it takes to make a successful career as a flight attendant and cabin crew. 

If you’re already in the industry and want to level up your skills, then skip the rest of our tourism courses and head straight to the Travel and Tourism Advanced Course, which has a great selection of professional development modules to give you an edge in the industry.

What are the benefits of taking a course in travel and tourism?

If you’re enticed by the idea of travelling, meeting new people, having cross-cultural awareness, and adventures at non-traditional work hours, then this might be the perfect industry for you.

Gaining transferable skills

Transferable skills are high up on our list of benefits – taking any of our tourism courses can offer you valuable skills in customer service, workplace operations, selling products and services, processing travel-related documentation, and tips for booking hotels and flights.

Helping people

Not only are you helping people who want to travel and experience new things, but you’re also able to guide their experiences in a way that is mindful and respectful of their destination’s culture and customs. You will also be equipped with relevant information to better assist the people you encounter in this industry, such as modules discussing mental and health well-being, COVID safety, amongst many other options.

What kind of support will I receive while undertaking this course? 

If you take a course with us, our LEARNT experts are available to help you throughout your course. This is in addition to your course material and supporting information provided as you complete your course modules.

You can contact us whenever you want by filling in the contact form on our website or requesting a callback, and we’ll be with you in a jiffy. 

How to enrol in a travel and tourism course? 

Enrolling in one of LEARNT’s tourism courses is quick and simple. Just find the course you want to do, sign up, and log on to the platform. You will receive a receipt as soon as you purchase the course. The email will contain your course login information and instructions for logging into your course. Don’t fret if you don’t see the email in your inbox – check your spam/junk folder, and if it’s still not there for some reason, reach out to our friendly student support team by emailing or calling 1300 439 439.

If you’re not sure that tourism and travel courses are for you, check out some of our other short online courses. We’ve also got hospitality short courses online, business management courses online, among a ton of other education courses online.

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