Retail Courses Online

If you’re ready to make your mark in retail, LEARNT retail courses online can help you hit your target. 


Retail Courses Online

If you’re ready to make your mark in retail, LEARNT retail courses online can help you hit your target. 

Our comprehensive range of retail short online courses provide opportunities for growth and development in every aspect of the sales business. If you are looking for a retail job, a sales assistant trying to move up the management ladder, or a business owner trying to improve sales and service through recognised retail training, we’ve got you covered. 

We know that time spent training is time off the sales floor. That’s why all retail short courses on the LEARNT online learning platform are self-paced. Our staff training and personal development courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We recognise that the needs of every business and individual are different, so our industry-approved retail training courses fit into your schedule – not the other way around. 

If you’re ready to boost your business and sharpen your sales skills, enrol in one of our retail courses online and start learning today!

What can I learn from a retail course?

Whether you’re an employee or employer, our retail courses online cover all aspects of retail business. 

If you’re just starting in sales or you’re on the hunt for a new retail role or career change, we offer an introductory course to consolidate your interview skills and avoid getting nervous in front of recruiters. 

Our courses are a fantastic resource for job seekers, employees, and employers. The curriculum teaches what communication tools influence positive interactions and how they can improve your sales service and workplace culture. 

One of our courses combines high-level written and verbal communication study for the career salesperson. The program focuses on the entire sales cycle, emphasising presentations and supporting long-term post-sales relationships for customer retention.

If you’re in sales management or are a retail business owner, we have several staff management retail classes available – these range from introductory-level retail certification courses for new managers to advanced human resources. We also offer supplementary business courses online, such as our finance courses online, to help improve your business on all fronts. 

LEARNT employee training programs and courses in retail sales are designed and delivered by retail industry experts with decades of knowledge and experience. So whichever certificate in retail online you choose, you can rest assured that you’re learning from the best of the best. 

What are the benefits of taking a retail course?

When you graduate from any of the LEARNT retail courses online, your qualifications will be reflected through an official certificate of completion, which can be added to your CV and sales profiles. 

You’ll have gained invaluable knowledge and a variety of transferable skills from courses designed by retail industry experts to meet the LEARNT education standards. We’re building the world’s best online learning platform, and that means we take the quality of trainers and learning module content very seriously. Every course is carefully reviewed to ensure that it is built upon the key foundations of competence, relevance, education, and development. We call this CRED – and when you complete one of our retail courses online, you’ll be able to demonstrate and apply some serious CRED across a variety of environments, situations, and challenges in your professional and personal life. 

All you need to be eligible to take one of our retail courses online is easy access to an internet-connected device. To best support your online education, we recommend having basic internet navigation and Microsoft Office skills. Some advanced courses may require a deeper knowledge of finance and accounting programs such as Excel. 

How to apply for a retail course?

It’s easy to apply for LEARNT retail courses online. 

First, you’ll need to hit the ‘Sign up’ button located in the top right corner of our website and complete the account set-up process. 

After that, it’s time to choose from one of our retail short courses. Our online marketplace features hundreds of courses in 20+ education categories. To narrow down your search, you can use either the search bar or the ‘Courses’ drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

Simply add the course you like to your cart. When you complete the checkout process, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your course receipt (which is important for your business tax returns!). This email will also include your course login details and directions to your course materials and learning modules. 

Once you’ve signed up for one of our retail courses online, you can complete modules in your own time (unless you are completing your retail classes for work and a deadline has been given to you by an employer). Because our content is 100% online, you can learn wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.

If you run into trouble while signing up or during your course, simply visit the ‘Contact us’ page and complete the form. You can also give us a call or email using the contact details provided, and even request a callback at a time that suits you! Our LEARNT experts are here and happy to help you fulfil your retail education goals.

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